AV as a Service

“In the rapidly digitizing workplace, especially in the AV sector, flexible solutions are becoming increasingly important. Instead of large one-time investments, companies are increasingly opting for ‘renting instead of buying’.”

What is behind
AV as a Service?

AV as a Service is an innovative procurement method for AV solutions that enables companies to make monthly payments for the devices and services they need. Similar to a subscription, AV as a Service does not end with ownership, but offers long-term use or access to the technology. This creates additional flexibility and scalability, especially in an era of rapid technological advancement, to remain competitive and agile.


RENTAL MODELS INSTEAD OF PURCHASE - Your advantages "AV as a Service"

Digitization in the workplace:
AV as a service in the spotlight

The workplace is undergoing a fundamental transformation as part of the digitalization process, and especially in the realm of audiovisual technologies, flexible solutions are increasingly coming into focus through the utilization of AV as a Service. The trend is shifting away from large capital investments towards personalized subscription models – and for good reasons.

While the concept of “renting instead of buying” may not be new, it is experiencing a renewed appreciation in the digital age. From smartphones and computers to software, numerous products are now available through subscription services.

AV as a Service:
focus on concrete benefits

In the age of digitalization, it is no longer just about the mere purchase of products, but about the concrete benefits. In a world of constant change, AV as a service models offer companies the opportunity to use technologies that are tailored to current requirements and ensure maximum productivity.

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