Your demand for the highest product quality is a matter of course for us. Thanks to many years of direct co-operation with market-leading manufacturers, we guarantee our customers high-quality and innovative products for conference and presentation technology at extremely attractive conditions. We always provide customer-orientated and manufacturer-independent advice with individual and optimal product selection.

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So that we can strengthen our commitment to the international market and actively shape the future of the industry.

PSNI Global Alliance

The Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) Global Alliance is a network alliance comprised of leading AV/IT integrators and service providers, closely collaborating with top distributors and manufacturers in the industry. PSNI not only brings together industry leaders but also strengthens them by expanding their reach, complementing their strengths, and multiplying their resources. All of this is done in conjunction with a commitment to the highest industry standards. We support each other through network partnerships, advocating strongly for continuous education, industry certification, the selection of common suppliers, and training. Our aim is to serve the “next” through our commitment to trust, professionalism, and learning.

AVIXA Member

AVIXA is a central community for all involved in creating and utilizing audiovisual solutions. The organization actively advocates for market promotion and industry exchange. As a member of AVIXA, we benefit from an extensive network of professionals, manufacturers, and service providers in the audiovisual industry. Membership not only grants us access to current industry trends and innovative technologies but also fosters the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Through participation in events, training, and networking activities, we contribute to strengthening the audiovisual community and staying up-to-date. AVIXA is committed to upholding the highest standards and quality in the industry, ensuring sustainable and progressive development.

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